Jacqueline Morreau - Curriculum Vitae


1943-1947, attended Susan Miller Dorsey High School and Chouinard Art Institute Los Angeles; 1946, began studies with Rico Lebrun at Jepson's Art Institute; 1947-9, Los Angeles City College and Jepson's Art Institute; 1949, travelled to Paris and New York; 1950, Los Angeles City College and continued studies at Jepson's; worked with ex-Lebrun students at communal workshop; 1951, Los Angeles City College; 1953, moved to Berkeley, California. 1953-1960; worked as research assistant at University of California for various groups, notably with Dr. Ellsworth C. Doughery, and Dr. Timothy Leary; 1955-1958, University of California Medical School, San Francisco, diploma in medical illustration, 1958; 1959-1967, post-graduate studies in etching (Kathan Brown at Berkeley, and Gordon Cook at San Francisco Art Institute); 1967, moved to Massachusetts; 1969, lithography studies, (Herb Fox, Boston); 1972, Moved to London; 1989, Theatre Design, Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts, London. Since 1989, visiting lecturer in drawing, Oxford Brookes University, and Professor of Art, Regent's College, London: Since 1995, visiting lecturer in drawing, Royal College of Art, London.


1983 'Power Plays', exhibition catalogue, intro, Bryan Biggs, Sarah Kent
1984 'Pandora's Box', exhibition catalogue, editor, Mouse Katz, Trefoil, London
1984 'Paradise Lost', exhibition catalogue, intro, Sarah Kent, Ikon Gallery, Birmingham
1984 'Women in War and Peace', exhibition catalogue, intro, Moira Kelly University of Houston, Texas, USA
1985 'Women's Images of Men', Sarah Kent and Jacqueline Morreau, Writers and Readers. London. 1991, reprint Pandora, London
1986 'Jacqueline Morreau: Drawings and Graphics', intro, Sarah Kent, Scarecrow Press, New Jersey, USA
1986 'Women Live', video interview, ITV
1987 R Parker, G. Pollack, 'Framing Feminism', Pandora, London
1989 'Americans Abroad', exhibition catalogue, editor, Stephanie Crawford, intro, Keith Wheldon
1989 'Jacqueline Morreau: Myth and Metaphor', exhibition catalogue, intro, Keith Wheldon
1989 Gill Saunders 'The Nude; A New Perspective', Herbert, London
1990 'Paradise Now', Odette Gilbert, exhibition catalogue
1992 Harrier Gilbert, editor 'The Sexual Imagination', Jonathan Cape, London
1992 'Strategies for Women Artists', Open University programme, BBC
1995 'Fold Upon Fold', exhibition catalogue, intro, Judith Kazantzis, Artemis, London


Solo exhibitions unless otherwise indicated:

1950 Frank Perls Gallery, Beverly Hills, California, students of Rico Lebrun.
1970 Edna Stebbins Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1972 Edna Stebbins Gallery, Cambridge, Massachusetts
1978 'Drawn From Life', Women's Arts Alliance, London
1980 Amwell Gallery, London
1982 Pentonville Gallery, London
1983 'Power Plays' with Sue Coe and Marisa Rueda, Pentonville Gallery, London, Bluccoat Gallery, Liverpool, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
1984 'Paradise Lost', Ikon Gallery (Birmingham) Touring with Pam Skelton
1986 'Original Sins', Art Space Gallery, London
1988 'Myth and Metaphor', Art Space Gallery, London, Ferens Art Gallery, Hull
1988 Odette Gilbert Gallery, London
1989 'Three Women' with Sandra Fisher and Haidee Becker, Odette Gilbert Gallery, London
1990 'Paradise Now', Odette Gilbert Gallery, London
1991 'Beyond Reason', with Marisa Rueda, Battersea Arts Centre, London
1992 'Recent Work', Isis Gallery, Essex
1993 'Disclosing Eros', print portfolio, Nuffield College, Oxford,
1994 'Fold Upon Fold', Isis Gallery, Essex
1996 'Themes and Variations', Ferens Art Gallery, Hull


1980 'Women's Images of Men', Institute of Contemporary Arts, London and tour
1984 'New Acquisitions', Arts Council Collection tour
1984 'Pandora's Box', Rochdale and tour
1986 'Women in War and Peace', Houston, Texas
1989 'The Nude: A New Perspective', Victoria and Albert Museum, London
1990 'Marks of Tradition', Museum of Modern Art, Oxford
1995 Sharja International Art Biennial, United Arab Emirates
1997 'From the Interior', UK/China exchange