This website presents a selection of work produced by Jacqueline Morreau up to her death in 2016

As well as the extensive picture gallery, there is a selection of reviews, biographical information, excerpts from conversations, and contact information in the wordssection


Follow this link For information about "Re:Jacqueline Morreau - Mythologies and the Marginalised" in September 2017.


Clicking on a link on the left will take you to one of the picture galleries. As Jacqueline says "over the years I have mined a number fo fairly nameable subjects like Identity, Desire, Memory, Creation, Choice. The subjects repeat themselves, turning up when I think I am doing something else; and the symbols I think I have just invented, I find that I have used before. So although it seems sensible to try to link various themes in a chronological order....[we] found we could not be both chronological and, at the same time, strictly thematic."

"Therefore we have tried to sequence the pictures in a way that shows linking themes in a loosely chronological way, but breaking the chronology when the same subjects occur over a period of time"

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